Marketing Hub SHS

Welcome to the Strand Hotel Swakopmund Marketing Hub. Here you will find all info relevant to our marketing activities.

This serves as a central point for you to access all relevant marketing related into.

All documents will be updated on a bi-weekly base for your convenience.

SHS Marketing Status

SHS Marketing Tracker

In the following document, you will find the current SHS marketing jobs and their relevant status. *please note - this gets updated 2 times a week.  

We urge you to kindly add your marketing related FOCUS AREAS into the relevant tab with their timelines so we can ensure that we provide the relevant priority to each. 

In the priority tab, please make sure that should certain briefed jobs have more priority, that you assign them accordingly or let us know to assign them accordingly to ensure we output the jobs in the correct manner. 

Kindly be aware, that should we receive reverts on jobs such as price changes and content changes, that these jobs go back into the studio pipeline and can only be attended to once there is an opening as we have multiple items briefed simultaneously.

We will indicate this accordingly on the relevant sheets. Please ensure that briefs are complete and that we have as little as possible reverts. (Should a revert be very urgent, please indicate it as such or let us know so we can contact studio to prioritize)

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SHS Briefing Document

For your convenience, we have derived a new briefing process that works through an online link. This is the same process as the previous document, but will give you ease of access and a much easier experience.

*Please make sure that all briefs are complete. Any supporting documents such as menu's can be added as an attachment or emailed to


SHS Events Calendar

Stay up to date with events planning and To Do's by viewing the events calendar below.

The finalized and approved events concepts can be found below.


SHS Social Media

Please view the relevant calendars and strategies for social media in the link below. Any deliverables and items we require from property will be linked in the Status document to provide.


Social Media Calendar

SHS CI Guides, Brand Positioning and Gallery

In the following links, you will find the updated CI Guide for SHS for you to review should you need a refresher.

We are currently developing a CI Guide is still in production.   

This Gallery serves as a central point where you will find all the relevant images and logo's for the property.


Under the Brand Positioning, you will have access to our full brand positioning document once it has been released.

SHS Current Campaigns

Under the below link. you will find all current and old campaigns for the year F24 with all the briefs and material saved.